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Core Subjects


There is no subject on our curriculum of more importance than the mastery of the English Language. Whether it is the skills of listening, speaking, thinking, reading or writing, they are all fundamental to the understanding of every other subject.

All our human resources are aimed at teaching these skills and attitudes to our pupils. The skills involved in reading and writing are practised each day in a number of ways from traditional teaching methods to the more complex skills used in promoting English across the whole curriculum. This includes new technology as an essential aid to learning.

Children, who for whatever reason are failing to grasp the basics of language, will be given every support. This may include regular one to one sessions. The Ruth Miskin Read, Write Inc reading scheme helps to create the foundation of all sound and phonics based reading for the children from Reception and Year 1. Children then progress onto the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.


Maths will be taught according to each child’s needs and abilities through a combination of individual and small group teaching. It is our aim to promote both the understanding and enjoyment of this subject.

Pupils will be given the skills necessary to think clearly and logically using the correct mathematical language.

Our staff will give each pupil the confidence to manipulate numbers and an awareness of the many uses of mathematics beyond the classroom.


We provide an environment for children to explore, with increasing independence, the world around them. They will be encouraged to use scientific language, become familiar with the use of scientific 

instruments and be aware of safe practice as they embark on each scientific enquiry.

They will be taught to question and put their own ideas under careful scrutiny in the processes of experimentation and discovery.

The curriculum at Greenwich House School follows the National Curriculum but with the flexibility to tailor programmes of study to individuals needs as well as looking at the vast amount of local opportunities that Louth has to offer.

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