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Greenwich House Independent School 
Ofsted Reports


On 8th, 9th and 10th June 2019, Ofsted were inspecting Greenwich House School and Pre School. Two inspectors spent the Wednesday asking about the school and viewing lessons, with the lead inspector also spending the Thursday finalising his report. On Friday 15th July the report was released onto the Ofsted website. Please click the link below if you would like to read the full report.

We were incredibly proud of all staff and pupils that were part of the inspection and who displayed the true ethos that Greenwich House works to on a daily basis. Some of the remarks are below

“Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and they use well-chosen resources that stimulate and interest pupils. Pupils use their electronic tablets and computers particularly effectively to undertake research and to find good examples or images to illustrate their work. Pupils are confident and skilled in the use of appropriate software and manage their work with considerable independence”. 

“Pupils’ breadth of achievement across the wider curriculum is exceptional, including successes in music, drama, expressive arts and a variety of sports. These achievements include the development of confidence to perform in a variety of public events, including the school’s annual music and drama performance, success in a variety of sports competitions, and celebrations at the local church”.

“British values underpin the ethos of the school. Pupils understand diversity within the wider community and demonstrate respect and tolerance for the variety of different faiths and cultural practices that they study in a variety of subjects. During the inspection, older pupils won the sportsmanship award at a rounders tournament, competing against local primary schools”.

“Provision for art, music, drama and sports is outstanding. Pupils achieve outstanding standards in physical and creative activities”. 

“Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. The school is a very friendly community with close relationships in which pupils develop high levels of self-esteem and the confidence to take on new challenges”. 

“Pupils are prepared well to move on to secondary schools at the end of Year 6. Comments from receiving schools include references to the relative maturity and confidence of Greenwich House pupils”. 

“Parents, in their responses to the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire, provide strong support for the school and express their appreciation for the quality of education provided across the full age-range of the school. The words of one parent exemplifies this”: ‘I’m confident that my son is getting a first class education as well as being taught right from wrong and more about the world around him in regards to other cultures and races’. 

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