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Greenwich House Kindergarten & Creche 
Ofsted Reports

Early Years

We were inspected on 10th January 2018 within our Creche and Kindergarten. We were once again extremely proud of all our children and staff for achieving another good report in all areas. Please see a summary of some of the remarks taken from our report below, and click on the link to read the full report.

“Children thrive in the busy learning environment and are proud to show staff their creative work. They benefit from the regular teaching of letter sounds and how these relate to their names and familiar objects.”

“Children and babies settle well in this homely environment. There are good systems for settling new children in and for when children move rooms.”

“Mealtimes are social occasions, children eat freshly prepared and nutritious meals and snacks that are cooked on site.”

“Behaviour is excellent. Children respect the values of the kindergarten. They share and take turns and are polite to each other.”

“All children are making good progress from their individual starting points. Children are sociable, inquisitive and eager to try out new things. They are gaining the key skills to support their future learning, including their move on to school.”

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