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The curriculum allows children to become increasingly able to recognise, explore and respond to the needs of others. They will work with a wide range of materials independently and in teams.

They will generate and classify their ideas, consider appearance, function, safety and reliability when developing design proposals. They will be taught to select materials, tools and techniques and deliver the idea within a given time framework. All projects are evaluated, then revisited with positive adjustments made to the original design.

Cookery club has also been a new addition to the extra curricular activities offered following interest during food technology sessions.


Children live in an ever changing technological age where computers play an important role in everyday life. Pupils will have opportunities to apply and develop their knowledge through the use of Ipads, laptops and other electronic devices to support their learning across the curriculum in all subjects. The school has a secure wireless access to the internet throughout the site. Recently we had a local drone pilot who had filmed footage for Channels 4’s Hidden Britain visit the school to explain how archaeologists use this technology to find historical landmarks.

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