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Kindergarten Facilities

Children generally join the kindergarten at 2+ with some children continuing into the school at the end of the first  year of the Foundation Stage. Others will feed into local primary schools. The Kindergarten is divided into three groups - Kindergarten One and Kindergarten Two which is split into those starting school the following September and those who are 2 turning 3. Each section is led by a room leader whose job it is to organise the various activities which take place throughout the day. Senior staff are supported by qualified carers who work under the direction of the room leaders. Apart from the three indoor bases, the Kindergarten has access to a large secure garden play area and a hard play ground when the season demands an alternative playing surface. 

Like the Creche, the Kindergarten staff also wear our staff uniform to facilitate their immediate recognition.

For more information please use the contact us link. For our policies please use the link below.

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