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Kindergarten Information

Children generally join the kindergarten at 18 months+ with some children continuing into the school at the end of the first  year of the Foundation Stage. Others will feed into local primary schools.

The Kindergarten is divided into three groups:

Kindergarten 1 is our toddler room. Children move up to kindergarten 1 from our Creche at around 18 month+. This room has access to their own private enclosed outdoor area which they access on a daily basis.

Our Intent Statement

In Kindergarten 1 we strive to promote confidence and independence by offering challenging opportunities and experiences with appropriate levels of support.

Our learning and development main intentions whilst in K1 are:

· Separate from main carer confidently

· Begin to express feelings and seek comfort from familiar person

· Sitting and engaging at circle time, story time and song time.

· Drink from an open top cup

· Eat with a spoon and a fork

· Be kind to others, learning to share

· Begin to communicate toileting

· Anticipate the daily routine

· Demonstrate growing independence in care routines

· Learn ways of self-regulation

Kindergarten 2 is for those children who are 2 turning 3 and will be starting school the following September. The children have access to two large outdoor areas.

Our Intent Statement

In Kindergarten 2, we recognise the importance of building strong, positive relationships with children and their parents/carers.


Children are offered a structured routine that involves many inclusive experiences and learning opportunities to support children’s individual interests and development in all areas of learning.


Our goal is to create an environment that meet the children’s individual needs and support their learning by bringing out their natural curiosity for the world in which they live. We have a strong focus on beginning to become more independent with self care, confidence, joining in alongside peers and adults, and build on their unique self-regulation skills.

Kindergarten 3 is our preschool room and is based in the conservatory. This room has direct access into our two large outdoor areas.

Our Intent Statement

In Kindergarten 3 we strive to create opportunities for all children to grow into happy, caring, creative, independent individuals.


We encourage children to challenge and question the world around them and develop a natural curiosity to life. We endeavour to embrace the uniqueness of all our children and give them a firm foundation to succeed in their lives.


Our focus throughout the preschool year is to ensure school readiness. We have a strong focus on independence, self-care, confidence and good manners and we support children to develop their own self-regulation skills.

Each room has a room leader who lead and work alongside their team to ensure they deliver a quality, rich learning environment on a daily basis, tailored around the current interests of the children and the next steps in their learning. The staff in all rooms are consistent which ensures the children settle well each day and enables us to assign each child a key person (chosen by the child).

Like the Creche, the Kindergarten staff also wear our staff uniform to facilitate their immediate recognition.

Based in our front reception, we offer a lending library offering a large range of books, puzzles, home learning bags and white noise machines for the children/parents to borrow. Reading makes up a fundamental part of language development in early childhood. Not only does it help a child's ability to understand words, it also ignites the spark for imagination. Reading plays a crucial role in speech development and introduces children to the world around them as well as new concepts.

For more information please use the contact us link. For our policies please use the link below.

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