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Creche Information

In the Creche we are able to accept children from 0 to 18 months (approx). The Creche has a homely feel with changing facilities and a dedicated sleep area with beds.. All equipment is regularly checked, kept in good order and high standards of hygiene are constantly maintained.


Although Creche staff wear our uniform to facilitate their immediate recognition, we also ensure that the staff are consistent to allow strong bonds and relationships to be built with both the babies and their parents/carers. Each baby is also assigned a key person based on the special bonds they make during their settling in process.

The Creche is open weekdays throughout the year with the exception of  bank holidays and the period between Christmas and the New Year


The Creche is open from 8am until 6pm daily.

Our creche is homely and welcoming and has an enclosed outdoor area.

We offer individually tailored settling in sessions to ensure both baby and parent are happy and comfortable when they start. These are discussed and planned alongside the parent in advance to ensure we allow plenty of time. 

We offer a nutritionally balanced freshly cooked two course lunch each day and will work with you during the weaning process, supporting baby led weaning if required. 

Our Intent Statement

In the creche we strive to create a warm, friendly, caring and homely environment through building positive relationships and forming attachments with the children, as well as building a good rapport with parents/carers.

During our day, through our routine and offered experiences, we encourage the children to build confidence and independence. We do this by providing inclusive, engaging and sensory experiences and encouraging and supporting children’s development in the prime areas of learning. 


The structure of our day consists of incorporating the child’s individual routines from home and spending time with their key person. We build secure attachments and encourage all aspects of language through song time, stories and talking with a focus on repetition to embed their language development.


We offer praise and encouragement and model positive behaviour to support the children to share, show empathy and care towards each other, and begin to understand their emotions and needs/wants and build on their unique self-regulation skills.

For more information please use the contact us link below. To read our policies please use the link.

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