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Creche Facilities

In the Creche we are able to accept children from 0 to 2+. The Creche has its own play / activity room, toilets, baby changing area, rest room and the use of a large secure garden. Rooms are always decorated in ways that are attractive to young children and a wide variety of children’s work is always displayed on the boards around the room. All equipment is regularly checked, kept in good order and high standards of hygiene are constantly maintained.

All Creche Staff wear our uniform to facilitate their immediate recognition.

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Creche Dates

The Creche is open weekdays throughout the year with the exception of  bank holidays and the period between Christmas and the New Year

The Creche is open from 8am until 6pm daily. We offer cooked lunches if required as well as tea if your child stays after 4pm.

For more information please use the contact us link below. To read our policies please use the link.

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