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We strive to develop a pupil’s understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of music by offering opportunities for performing, composing, listening and appraising.

Many occasions are given to make music on both conventional and other instruments. Singing sessions and our choir create both uplifting and musically inspiring experiences for our pupils.

Individual music tuition is encouraged if a child shows a specific interest.


The roots of child drama are found in imaginative play. We provide much personal and group drama experience before subjecting pupils to the rigours of exposure on stage in front of an audience. This subject provides an outlet for self expression, develops the imagination, encourages fluency of speech and gives the opportunity for cooperation. It promotes self-knowledge, respect, discipline and confidence.

"Each year I look forward to performing in a real theatre" pupil

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We aim to give each child the scope to express themselves freely through a variety of media. We want children to respond to ideas, methods or approaches used in different styles and traditions. We provide the opportunity to use the natural environment, images and artefacts as a source of ideas or influence. The artists, crafts people and designers in the locality are regularly invited into school to enhance our pupils’ learning. An annual trip for Year 6 to Ash Buckingham's studio has given some outstanding results in recent years.

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