A welcome from the Head Teacher

I would like to welcome you to Greenwich House Independent School. I sincerely hope that you will soon take the opportunity of visiting us.

This is a school that offers a personalised quality education, with care and attention given to every detail. We believe this enables each child to maximise their potential.

Even in a constantly changing world, there are some things that do not change. The attitudes and values a child picks up at school will stay with them for life.

With the help of my dedicated teaching staff we expose the children to an ethos of mutual respect and trust. This provides them with a feeling of self worth, a consideration for others and a sympathetic understanding of differing viewpoints.

We believe that through encouraging self discipline and pride in their work, we can maintain a high standard of general behaviour and politeness.

Every child at Greenwich House is able to develop at their own pace, but some may be surprised to discover what that pace can be.

We value sport and culture as vital elements of a holistic educational experience. This compliments our more formal curriculum and allows every individual the chance to succeed.

Mrs J Brindle




“When I first visited the school I was struck by the atmosphere - loving and also exciting. Lots of children buzzing about, full of delight at dressing up for a historic banquet at lunchtime!”



Tel: 01507 609252

Mon 17th to Fri 21st  February - Half Term

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