The curriculum whilst taking into account the national requirements is very much related to every child’s individual needs.

It is delivered through a combination of small group teaching or if necessary one to one teaching.

“Our daughter started at three years old and is leaving ‘nearly a teenager’ to start Alford Grammar School. We have fond memories of the eight years she has spent at Greenwich House. She has enjoyed coming to school and I cannot think of a single subject she has not enjoyed being taught by your very capable staff.”


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The curriculum at Greenwich House School has also always been centred around the traditional values we hold, as they are key to helping our pupils become life long learners. In 2019/20 we are looking to develop the curriculum further to embody these core values as our focus for all subjects. Our pupils will develop even more detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum using this as our base. We believe this will allow them to continue achieving high standards, but even more focus will be on their interests, aspirations and the intention of their course of study for their future. There will also be greater opportunity to talk to and learn from those in different industries throughout the year.

Our core values are

We hope that parents will also take this as an opportunity to interact with these values at home. If a child displays any of the above, in any form, parents/children are asked to share their news with us. These values will be celebrated in class and assembly, but also through our core values display. 




- making a difference and understanding we are all different